Wednesday, March 10, 2010

{hello luva}

It has been a long time and it feels great to be back! I have to say....being without internet has been kind of difficult for's like having an old friend back and I am sooooo happy!! We are now mostly moved in to our new place in Idaho and are loving it :)! We love having the extra space and having family around isn't too shabby either. Taner's job is going good, he freezes during the day but he likes the guys he works with and thinks it's going to be a great place to work. I'm as happy as a clam because I have a huge kitchen compared to what I'm used to and this house (we'll be renting it for a while before we find our house we want to buy) has fabulous light and I'm loving the idea that I can finally get started on a photography business. Whoo hoo!!! I even have a few sessions already lined up and I'm so excited! So, thanks for being patient with me, we're now up and running and I cant wait to see what happens!!! I couldn't post without a few pics so here's a couple of recent ones of the kiddles, lots of love from Idaho!!! :)


Brooke G. said...

YEAH! You're getting settled and double YAHOOOOO - the internet! I would have a hard time NOT surfing the net for a week or so too! I am really happy to hear that things are going well and falling into place. HUGS to you!

{Amy} said...

Oh, wow, I hate to admit how reliant I am on the internet, it's really kind of sad. :)
Gorgeous pictures!