Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family and some fun

We got some really fun outfits in the mail from a vendor the other day and I couldn't wait to try them out on Mya, we'll be having a big photo shoot with all the cute clothes soon so I'll have to share once I have them done. :) Mya just loved trying them on for me, she's such a ham.

This is my adorable nephew Crewe who we got to see while camping a few weekends ago. Isn't he just the most adorable thing ever? I had to take a couple shots, I could you not?

A little more sass....

Here's my side of the fam up in the mountains, we look pretty tame here, but........ there's another picture that really shows our true selves. I totally posted it and it didn't show up! I'm so going to post it after I've had some sleep.

Here's my kiddos under my favorite tree at my parents' house. They love to hang out with grandma and grandpa and Mya likes to squish all of the apricots. I just love this series of shots.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Okay, seriously....where has the summer gone? Sheesh!! I had set out do accomplish all sorts of things and go all sorts of fun places and even though we did do some really fun things this summer, I feel somewhat sad that a lot of the things on my "list" didn't get done and there went another summer flying right past me! I have been so behind on documenting the adorable things my kiddos do and say that I had to kick myself in gear and get some of these up even though they're not my most recent ones.

Mya: Now 1yr and 8 months old and growing so tall! She is so funny- she climbs the rock wall on our play set all by herself, climbs up on all of my counters and puts on everyone else's shoes and clothes. She always wants my "dum" when we get in the car (gum) and eats every last piece in the package if I don't catch her fast enough :) She loves yogurt, melon, veggies and anything sweet and is my little cuddle-bug who thinks she is as big as her brother. She wants to ride his big bike sooooo bad! She adores Eli and is a fish in the water. She has no fear of anything and loves life. She is so interested in bugs and will study them and let them crawl on her all while laughing. She's also a streaker and will take off her diaper any chance she gets so she can run naked through the yard. She has been my easiest napper-she enjoys a nice long nap in the afternoon and smiles when I lay her in her bed. She runs on her tiptoes and has a little princess bounce and skip to it. Her eyes light up and her smile is so big that she brightens any room. I am so in love with this little girl and her cute little pig tails-life would not be near as sunny without Mya.

Eli: 3 1/2 years My soft on the inside and very sensitive tough guy-he's so competitive and hates to lose and if he does it breaks his heart. He is so helpful with his sister and I've caught him hugging her and telling her everything is okay and it melted my heart. He's all boy and loves the dirt, trucks, racecars and sports. He says the funniest things like "I'm getting married tomorrow" me: oh really, who's the lucky girl? Eli: "Mya" hee hee Grandma: "I'm pooped!" Eli: (he walks outside to where papa is) Papa: Where's grandma?" Eli: "She's inside-she poopeded her pants!" and so many other things that I can't even remember. He's so cute! He's been taking swimming lessons and goes on the kickboard all by himself. He's already asking for a pinata at his birthday party (in January) He is very coordinated and rides his scooter really well for so young-we go on long walks on the canyon and he keeps me running so I can keep up with him. I love his adorable smiles and everything about this little guy, he's growing so fast and he's become so independent. He's high energy and full of it! :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Recent Randomness

Okay, so I have been like the WORST EVER blogger lately, sorry! I have had so many things going on that I've had to put my personal blog on the backburner while I had several sessions to edit, kids to take care of, summer to plan,etc. etc. You all know what I'm talking about but the main reason I have this blog is so I can look back and remember the things that went on as well as little things my kids say and do and so I'm so bummed I haven't been keeping up on it. There's just not enough hours in the day! So, here's a collection of random things we've been up to lately, not everything of course, but a few of my favorites.
Eli is now 3 1/2 going on 13, I swear! He's so independent and so full of energy that sometimes it's all I can do to keep up with him but he's so sweet in the things he does and says. If you catch a rare moment and he actually wants to cuddle or give you a hug, I have to stop everything and just take it in because it happens so quick and so seldom that I cherish those moments. He's so athletic and I think it's going to be really fun to watch him play T-ball and get into sports in the next few years. He's also very helpful with Mya and always keeps me "informed" when she's doing something she shouldn't :).
Eli is tough, he's strong, very strong willed, he's so smart and remembers every little detail about places we've been and can tell me the directions to drive all over Twin, he's very sensitive and easily gets his feelings hurt. I have to be so careful with him if I have to scold him or punish him for some things, he's a big teddy bear on the inside. He has a belly laugh that makes me giggle every time I hear it. He brings me so much joy and happiness. I love him so much and I can't believe how fast he's growing. Before I know it he'll be in preschool!

Mya is a little spitfire and is a climbing monkey! She is now 1 1/2 years old. She'll climb anything and I have to watch her like a hawk :) She will also eat anything-rocks, game pieces, and so many other things. She's talking a lot more and loves bugs and doing anything that her brother can do. She loves to dance and jump and likes to tell me "no". She also likes to take your ice from your drink, run around with no shoes and be naked. She has a great sense of humor and thinks everything is so funny, wakes up in the morning so happy and is such a joy. She also hits lately, but turns right around and hugs you. She throws lots of things in the trash and in the toilet and is always into mischief. She is so full of life and I just love watching her explore and discover new things. It's amazing how different both boys and girls are...I love them both!

So, here's a few from Redfish Lake, from around Easter time, at the park and then just recently here in July out in the summer sun. Sorry it has been so long, I will try to be better and update the blog more regularly!

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Lately both Mya (16m) and Eli (3yrs) have been growing up like crazy! I turn around and Mya is now saying all kinds of little "words" and Eli has been saying lots of very profound things that sometimes make me think he's too smart to come from me, lol. Eli is very intuitive and he picks up on the littlest details and emotions that I have to be careful sometimes because he's becoming so much older than his age. Mya is a little spitfire and has quite the sassy attitude these days. She loves to dance and shake her booty to any beat that comes on and steals Eli's toys he's playing with when he looks the other way. He has a bowling set that he loves and he sets up all the pins so patiently and meticulously and the minute he turns around to grab his ball she runs as fast as she can to grab one of the pins and then bolts for either Taner or me to save her from Eli, laughing the whole time. It cracks us up.
She's now telling me "no" on everything and she has this look she gives me if the food I fix for her is not what she wanted. She even threw our remote in the trash. But then she's such a snuggler and a lover and we just can't get enough of these two.
Just this morning I asked Eli what he thought he wanted to be when he grew up and he thought about it really hard and then said ".....not batman......... just a man". I had to laugh.
They keep me on my toes!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hope you all have a wonderful Easter this weekend, we've been celebrating with "monster" easter eggs at our house, hee hee! I thought these were so stinkin' cute when Eli picked out the coloring package at the store, I had never seen them. Eli had a blast making them very "scaryish" and I think nothing says Easter like some orange hair, crazy eyes and a toothy smile.
Gotta love it!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is it Spring yet?

I've been so excited to see signs of spring and green grass starting to grow!! Spring is definitely on it's way and I just had to get some Easter pictures of these little rugrats to get us in the mood. It's been so nice lately, we've been raking, playing outside in our t-shirts even though we should still be wearing our coats, and leaving all the windows open to enjoy the fresh air! Sadly though, I woke up to a new blanket of snow on the ground and I thought I would be really depressed about it but actually we're just enjoying the last bit of winter while we can since it won't be long before it's all gone. Being back in Idaho with all the seasons has been a fun change and also a challenge with keeping the kids busy but I just love it here and couldn't be happier. I hope you are all enjoying the signs of spring andI hope you have a wonderful Easter with family and friends.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Mya is such a big girl now! She's into everything, loves to dance, sing and really quite the character. She has some major spunk and personality and definitely lets you know when she wants things done her way. She's my little cuddlebug and loves to give kisses. She's also my miss mischief and can be found eating all sorts of things, pulling out my tulips and putting the remote in the trash. Life is exciting around here and I just love how she brightens every spot in our house. We just love her to pieces. :) I had to add some pics I took of her today, this is typical Mya-- who used to have ponytails but has pulled them out, loves to go streaking and always pulling off her diaper while giving us her melt-your-heart smile. She's trouble I tell ya! Love her!