Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{St. Patty's Day, and turning 50}

Yesterday my beautiful mom turned 50 and my sister and I had so much fun "kidnapping" her, going to lunch and having a great girls day together (of course I had the kids) but we had a great time!! My sister was the kidnapper, ski mask, water guns and all....and then we had a fabulous lunch at a new little bistro in Twin. We then headed back to Hagerman where my mom was then paraded around town to her friends' houses, local businesses, etc. in an "old Lady" costume complete with a wig, cane, nylons around the ankles, funky glasses, clip-on earring...you get the picture followed by a delicious meal held by her dear friend. We had a great time and I hope mom did too...you are the best mom.. we love you so much!!

On a whole separate note, St. Patrick's day is here and I though I'd make one of these if I had some extra time...so stinkin' cute! I found it here and loved all the fun ideas!! It's my new favorite blog as of right now and has some great tips, recipes etc. You should go check it out!! I'm going to try some of her tutorials, they look so easy and fun. Hope you all have a wonderful St. Patty's day!!


Hmachine said...

Sooo fun!!! I love it!!! I'm sure your mom had fun! I also love the other blog you told about. I'm going to try some of those ideas. . when I get a free second!! :) Sounds like you are enjoying ID!! and Family!!


Brooke G. said...

Hey, I wanted to see photos of your mom in her "get-up!" Are you holding out on us? Or did she threaten your life if you posted them??? (My mom would - heee hee!) Sounds like a fabulous bday! How fun ;D I am heading to that other blog - I love a good "find!" Thanks.