Tuesday, February 23, 2010

{Eli's Friends}

As we're getting ready to head out to Idaho, I can't help but feel a little sad...Eli has made so many friends here and we're going to miss the families we've gotten close to here in California. Here's a few pics of him and his friends here at Creekside, we're going to miss these hooligans!! Much love and thanks for everything! To see the full set of pics, hop on over to my photo blog, we had a lot of fun!


Brooke G. said...

You are a total miracle worker girl!!! How did you get all of those kids to cooperate for your photo session??? Be honest, was it candy???? :D TRAVEL SAFELY!!!!

McKenzie Hansen said...

It's so hard to say "goodbye"!!! When we moved up here, Colten thought that saying "goodbye" wasn't going to be enough for his "favorite girl" and so he and his friends held a marriage ceremony (including a kiss!) and now he's been married for 5 years!!