Sunday, August 16, 2009


If you haven't been to see the play "Wicked", I highly recommend it!! The cast was so talented, I wish I could sing like that!  We had so much fun out on the town in San Diego and my dad was so kind and awesome to let me go while he watched little man at the cabin.  Thanks dad, I owe you big!  They had a great time "bonding" together, "man to man". Eli loves his "ampa"! 
Before the big show, we found a cute little pizza parlor that had the BEST margherita pizza I've ever had, YUM!!  I might have to go back just for that.  

Don't the guys look thrilled to be here for the show? They can hardly contain themselves.
And then there's me, I couldn't look less excited if I tried.....

Yes, I had two giant pieces, I'm eating for two ya know!
Margherita pizza, where are you when I need you? 

Good times!

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Walking By Faith said... are so cute! and you don't even look like you are eating for two...yet; you are absolutely adorable! i look like i am eating for five (or more)!