Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vaca part 2, San Juan Capistrano

We spent a fun day at San Juan Capistrano and it was so incredibly beautiful there.  It was so calm, peaceful and relaxing, and so amazing that it was still in such good condition.  We all had a great time and Eli loved running through all the corridors and gardens (and all the roped off areas, oops!)  From there we went straight to the ocean, it was such a fun day!

I took a lot of pics of the bells, they for some reason really interested me. Aren't they cool?

My beautiful mom and handsome dad, they are so cute together!

Eli and his true love, these two were inseparable!

My brother Kyle, isn't he a little heartbreaker?  He has such a sense of humor, he was cracking me up all the time.

The hooligans at our finest, don't we look so incredibly happy? ha!
Love you guys!

I just loved all the arches around the grounds, so beautiful!

The two lovebirds, awwwwww!

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