Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My baby is 1 year old!

Happy Birthday Eli! We are so blessed to have you in our family and you brighten our day in so many ways! You can always make us laugh and it is so fun to watch you grow. We can't believe you're 1 year old since the 7th, time has really flown by. We love you so much!
Here's our little man, all grown up!

And walking!

The morning of his birthday I went a little crazy and made all kinds of pancakes to make a big number one and a yummy stack! Who wouldn't want a birthday stack of pancakes with their very own wish?

At first he didn't know what to think and took the pancakes off one by one.

But then he got into the birthday spirit and went pancake crazy! Isn't it great to be one?
Yes, this incredibly professional-looking, crooked cake was made by me. Martha Stewart will see this picture and will beg for the recipe I'm sure, not bad for someone who doesn't have any round cake pans, right? I promise I'll do better next year so Eli doesn't have to be embarassed!
Eli got his first balloons from grandma, he was wrestling with them all day!

We also had a party while we were back in Idaho so we could spend it with family. It was fun to watch his reactions!

Isn't Jake so cute? He's almost exactly Eli's age so they can be buds!
Chloe as a zebra
A tiger and monkey hug


Hmachine said...

Hey, I was wondering what type of camera do you shoot with?

Anonymous said...

I think your cake was incredible! Love the pancakes, my poor kids... their mom needs to get on top of it! LOL
At least the breakfast part! You're too cute!
Love ya Jen!!!!!!