Thursday, January 15, 2009

My beautiful sis, April

I absolutely love this pic April, it's my fave!  Thanks for being so awesome and letting me take your picture while freezing our buns off, I had a blast! There were so many good ones I couldn't pick and I even have more! 


Hmachine said...

those are awesome pictures!!! Great job. :) Are you back in Cali now? What sort of team is Taner on? YOU are superwoman!!! I was thinking the other day about when you tried to teach us how to caligraphy???? LOL You have such a talent for the arts. :) :) Luv ya!

McKenzie said...

your pics look great! awesome job!!!

The Bauer's said...

Jenny...I love the pics! Your sis is a great subject to photograph.

Bellis Family said...

Okay I am now bawling....I can't believe how much I miss her :) Jenny your photos are absolutely amazing. I can't believe how great they are....really I shouldn't be suprised you're so talented with everything you touch! We need you to do another photo session of my family now that Christian has way more personality!.
Miss and love ya