Monday, January 19, 2009

A fun visit and a day at the park

It has been such beautiful weather here lately so we decided to take a picnic at the park. It's been around 80 degrees here in JANUARY!  Can you believe it? I'm not complaining, I love the fact that Eli can get out and play but I am definately a cooler weather gal.....I love the jackets, scarves, and everything that goes with it so I guess I'm not quite ready to break out the 'ol swimsuit just yet! AHHHHH ( Did I hear everyone shreiking at the visual?)  (sigh) However, we did have so much fun... Eli playing football with dad and loved running all over.

We were so lucky to see the Bauer family a couple of weeks ago when they came to California. There son  Sam is a year older than Eli so it was cute to see them hang out. Thanks for a great time you guys!

These were on our way back from dinner, I was just having fun playing around with my camera. The ride was a little bumpy so the pictures are really wavy! Kinda cool!

Sam was so cute running around exploring everything, Eli was watching his every move and thinking he was pretty cool!

We were waiting for the restaurant to call our names, Taner's got that hungry look in his eye!

Bye Sam! Come see us again!

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April said...

He's looking so grown up! I bet he and Sam just had a blast together :) I especially like the fish kiss picture, I'm impressed!