Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Late New Year!

Happy 2009!  I hope everyone had a FABULOUS New Year, does anyone have any resolutions they'll be working on? I've got a few, and I'm trying really hard on them! 
We spent the evening celebrating with my sis, brother and friends, Teresa and Paul. We had so much fun playing games and eating an awesome dinner that my sister had prepared. She had it all decked out and worked so hard! Thanks Apes for such a fun night, it was like a date for Tan and me! Love ya tons

Teresa and April, best buds!
Happy New Year my hunny bunny! close and yet so far!
Teresa and Paul, trying to close the gap!
April, with her drawing skills
Here's Paul's try at the p-doh
Can you tell what it's supposed to be?
I think this was right before the flu got me! 
Miss you Apes!
I don't know about you but these guys look pretty sketchy....
3-2-1....Happy New Year!


I love you bug!


Anonymous said...

How fun!!!! Wish we would've been home... will you be there next year?
Martin and I are headed to McCall, Valentine's weekend to snowboard. Well, he will snowboard and I will try! LOL Last time it wasn't to pretty.
Miss and love ya all tons,

Bellis Family said...

This was so much fun!! Too bad your entire family got the flu that night.