Thursday, January 8, 2009

A whole lotta Christmas!

Wow! I took a ton of pics! I hope you can bear with me, I spent almost a month visiting family in Idaho and so I was bound to have a lot! 2008 came and went and I don't know where! My little man has grown to be 1 year old and I can't wait to see what 2009 brings. 
We had so much fun while being home and feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family. It's a big family which makes it all the better.  I had so much help while we were there with Eli, his birthday party, etc. and just felt so much love. We can't wait to move back home, we've been saying that for so long but I know that it will happen. I just have to be patient. 
So, here's Christmas, I hope you enjoy them, beware I still have New Year's, Eli's birthday and some really awesome pics of my gorgeous sis coming soon too so stay posted! 
Lots of Love!

Eli was after all the girls......I think I've got a big flirt on my hands!

Oh little Zoe, I wish she would've come home with me!
Skylar, always a crack-up!

Little Sam loves his helmet!

Kaylee is such a sweetheart, I don't think I ever heard her fuss!

It was so much fun to get a family picture of the Esterbrooks! I even got to be in it!
4 generations

Oooooooo, Tan's new snowmobile......He was so excited to get home to ride it but there were a few kinks they had to work out to get it running right and I still think they have more work to do. He did get to ride a little though...There's always next year!

Orange is sooooo hot!

My mom decided it would be hilarious to make us wear goofy christmas hats! Mom, you're too funny, you always make it fun!

how'd that one get in there?
It's an elf!
Lookin' good mom!
Who's this? Santa's helper? ha ha

These are by far my favorite pjs! He was my little christmas angel
Uncle Tim is such a blast, Eli loves hanging out with him and uncle Tyler
It was fun to watch Eryka really get into the spirit of Christmas this year, what a fun age!

Eli didn't know what to think on Christmas morning, I think he was really confused but soon got the hang of it

Eli really took to Aunt Nancy, they were best buds

Congratulations Scott on your engagment, we are so happy for you!
My little bro, all grown up

Little man's first time walking! I am so proud of you bug, I love you

Grandma took Eli out to sit on the sled for the first time
He gets pretty excited when food is involved, hmmmm I wonder where he gets that from?
My crazy sis made a beautiful quilt for my dad for Christmas and needed a little extra help to finish it up. So.....she called in the cavalry and we came to help! (Mom did, I don't know a thing about sewing..I tried but I think I made things worse) It turned out Fab!

Grandma was making her famous stuffed french toast and Eli was such a big help! He LOVES the whisk and helping stir. 

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