Tuesday, January 18, 2011


What can I say, this boy makes my heart melt. I love every little thing about him and those eyes let him get away with too much around our house :) I'm sooooo behind on all of my personal editing but I had taken these and just loved them so I thought I'd get them finished as fast as I could. It was actually a beautiful day today so we decided to be outside and enjoy the fresh air. It was so funny......the other morning Eli came to our room after he woke up and he always asks for cereal right off the bat. This time was no different except I guess I wasn't fast enough getting out of bed that he turned around in the doorway and said "well....are you coming or what? " I guess I was a little surprised and both me and Tan just looked at each other and cracked up. Yes, I am the cereal slave. Today I had noticed a small scrape on his leg and asked him what had happened.....his reply was "I don't know but it's freaking me out! " This kid keeps me on my toes :)
I still haven't even posted Mya or Eli's birthday pics (not that they are super fabulous or anything, but still! ) but I will have them soon. Here's a few of my little monkey, such a cutie!

The bottom right photo ( in case you were wondering why I was showing you a mound of grass) is my little "ice cream cone" Every time we play on the playset Eli is selling ice cream. This little mound of grass/ice cream cost me $500 dollars!!! It was worth every penny :)


Anonymous said...

Eli is so adorable!! His eyes are so crisp and clear in the top left photo.

Alita said...

What fantastic captures. The clarity is sharp and crisp. Those eyes!!! :)

The Hunt Family said...

Stunning as always. I love visiting your blog and seeing such amazing pictures.

Megan said...

thats awfully expensive ice cream! lol. I love it!!!

is it just me, or is there a new look around here?