Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Important things....

Sometimes I feel like I have tunnel vision and the only things I focus on are the ones I consider the most important whether or not they are in the real scheme of things. Ugghhh..... I hate it when I do that and I look look down and I have my son trying to get my attention so I will play cars or watch him to a "special trick", things that I should be doing WAY more often. I've known that I have needed to work on balancing my time better between everyday household chores, photography and my family but I think I've been falling short....very short.
I was just over at a blog that I randomly visited from a friend of mine and was literally sobbing at a the family's story of losing their only little girl to a tragic accident. It described all that they went through, how hard it was to be without her and I just couldn't help but be so heartbroken for them. It makes me think of how lucky I am to have such sweet children who fill my day with the funny things they say and do, things that I love but also take for granted and would miss so terribly if I didn't hear them anymore. Things like my little Mya hanging onto my legs while I cook, tasting all of my creations and Eli climbing on the garbage can to get to the kitchen counter so he can see what we are making, him running as fast as he can saying "watch me go super fast like Rory, mommy!", Mya saying in her funny little way "Is that?" to everything she sees and so many, many more things that I just don't want to forget.
The couple that lost their little girl mentioned 2 things that they would do more had they know what was to happen and that was to pull out the video camera and video everything they could and write in a journal either daily or as often as possible so they could remember all the little things that are so easy to forget. That's another typical "Jenny" thing.....I have the journals and so many other projects in mind that I always mean to get done but never seem to finish. I really want to do this and think it's so important for me to write down the things they say because I've already forgotten so much even from this week. I sometimes get frustrated with the things they do and find myself being a little hard on Eli when he doesn't do things the way I think they should be done and after reading that story I soooooo need to lighten up on things. Life is too short and we only have them for a little while before they grow up and will do things on their own. I hope I can hold on to these small moments for as long as I can and remember how lucky I am to be their mother. I know they were given to me for a reason and I hope I can be the mother that I know I should be. They are such a blessing and I thank my Heavenly Father for entrusting me with their care. They bring so much joy to Taner and I and I can't imagine life without their sweet voices, them running down the halls and making life lovely and crazy at the same time.
Life is beautiful in so many ways.
Thanks to that family for opening my eyes when I needed it.
You can check out their blog here but be prepared for a tear jerker! You can even help by downloading Preslee's Song.....such a cute girl.

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Megan said...

its so so true... I think the vast majority of us over look the little things. and those are the most important!