Friday, January 29, 2010

.keepin' it real.

These silly pics were all found on my little point and shoot camera so that's why they're not the greatest quality but I just had to share! Laurie, the one in the robe is for you...we got him to wear it! :) These are an example of what we do with our time around these parts, pretty important stuff as you can tell! Eli's been "fixing" everything around the house lately.
He also went to a transformer birthday party awhile back and he had such a blast! He was hi-fiving the guy through the whole party and was making all kinds of transformer "moves" for the ladies, ha ha, so cute! We'll have to do something like that next year for his birthday.
Anyways, sorry for the picture quality but these were too funny.

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Brooke G. said...

Looks like you guys are full of fun over there! Great photos... your PAS photos still look pretty darn good! Wishing you well ;)