Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{Rain, Rain..Go away!}

Not really, I actually LOVE the rain but when you have two little kiddos who are sick as well, sometimes keeping everyone happy and entertained is a whole different story! Eli loves playing out in the rain so when it broke for a minute we ran out super fast and let him run wild and free!! I see you lookin' at his crazy hair, we've decided doing your hair around here is optional, ha! His fashion choice wasn't exactly gap kids either but I'm loving it anyways. Aside from all that, Taner is now back to work....I'll admit I was a little scared to be manning the fort all on my own but I'm doing okay so far....check back at the end of the week! Oh, and is anyone else eagerly anticipating the last season of LOST to finally be here? Taner and I watched all the episodes back to back on Netflix since we weren't getting much sleep and we're totally hooked!! I hope it hurries up, I really need my fix!! Take care, much love, Jen

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McKenzie Hansen said...

These pics are so cute! I wish Eli and Jake could play together. If you're still in California this June, we're coming for a visit - staying in Anaheim! The pics of you and Taner with baby "M" are so DANG gorgeous! It's not fair that you look so fabulous right after having a baby - there must be something wrong with you!