Monday, August 10, 2009

Laguna and Oceanside beaches with the Fam

We had so much fun hanging out at the beach with my family.  At Laguna it ended up being overcast but it was high tide so it made for great waves!  We had fun exploring all the tidal pools and enjoying the view. We even got to see the actor William H. Macy!! He walked right by my sister and me and I was too embarrassed to ask for a picture so I had to settle for a really far away pic.  I'll post that later.  Eli had such a good time with everyone and had a huge crush on my sister April, he would have to have her sit by him in the car everywhere we went so he could feel her hair! Such a flirt! I have a ton of pictures of him totally hugging on her, poor thing, she couldn't ever get away! Anyways, I have a lot to show so my apologies upfront for the overload....and I have many, many more to come!


McKenzie Hansen said...

HI! I love your pics! Especially the sailboat one! Wow! Did you release a seagull into the wild just so it would fly into your shot at JUST the right time? You are so talented!

Our Little Clan said...

I LOVE your pictures you do such AWESOME work. Like I keep telling you I wish you lived closer. Hope all is going well and you look so CUTE!!