Sunday, August 30, 2009

Here's a few from our Fabulous stay in Laguna, just Tan and I. We had such a good time knowing that Eli was safe back with the Grandparents and we were free to explore the beaches and the beautiful, artsy town. We stayed at Casa Laguna which was such a fun, charming little bed and breakfast, it was so quiet and private that it was just the thing we needed for a little relaxation.  We even had the chance to have a massage which we don't get to do very often so it was such a treat! The food there was amazing, I soooo wish I had a picture of the way they prepared all our meals, it was so pretty you didn't want to eat it, but then, you did and it was soooooo good that we stuffed ourselves each time! 
We then got to meet with some friends of ours, Jason and Danielle whom I got a picture of but I'm so bummed it didn't turn out! They are the cutest couple,and it was fun to sit and talk with them and enjoy their company.  It's funny but both Taner and I mentioned the fact that we had forgotten what it was like to sit down and have dinner and actually have an adult conversation, without chasing little "super man" running naked around the living room, haha! Even though we love here's another big huge hug and thank you to Grandma and Papa for babysitting, I will have more of their visit to the beach, etc. soon! 
love from Jen

The cheese to my macaroni!

This one cracks me up, Tan so did not want to take this picture but I thought the "air jordan" gym shorts really made this classy!

Our last night there we had dinner at the Montage Resort which had an incredible view of the ocean right at sunset.  It was sooooo romantic and I had to grab a pic of my lova, ow-ow!


Klop Family said...

I love your pictures and how you and tan have grown so much from high school. I really love all the picture of Eli. I would love to learn how you take those great pictures. I miss you guys and talk to you soon.

Jenny Esterbrook said...

Thanx Brittany! You are so sweet, but we still have some growing up to do, ha ha! You take great pictures too, it just takes lots of practice which I still need and I try to work on it all the time. Hope all is well and that you are doing great!