Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am so excited!! I just got my camera back yesterday from being cleaned and there are no spots on my pictures!! So, I can no go about like a crazy woman and take whatever pictures I like without having to fix the pics after in photoshop, glory hallelujah! This last weekend was our last one with Taner before he went back to work and we had such a good time. We got to go down to the beach and visit with his sister and her husband whom we haven't seen in a little while.  They brought some friends along who we've met before and who are so much fun and Eli had a ball of course playing in and eating the sand.  He loves the water so much that even when he is shivering and blue we still can't get him to come out of the water, not even for food! That's saying somethin'!! Sunday was spent hanging out just our little fam, enjoying the weather and the pool.  It was so nice to just relax but I was kind of sad that we wouldn't be having Taner home with us, he is really so much fun and so much help.   As for other news, I have been having this crazy craving for  cheese during this pregnancy and I just can't get enough of it! I'm like a giant mouse! I'm also still having migraines with an aura and they have been starting to get more and more frequent. Soooooo, I've been doing a little research on the triggers and how to prevent them ( cuz I'm kind of thinkin' my family might get up and leave me since I've been kinda grouchy with them) and guess what?  CHEESE and CHOCOLATE are two of the triggers that are on this ginormous list of other things I just love to eat. Including ice cream, berries, nuts...... BUMMER!! Say it isn't so!! As I sat there reading such nonsensical news, with a big chunk of cheese in my hand and having just had some chocolate the night before) I stared, utterly stunned and speechless. I guess I have some changes to make in my diet wouldn't you say? Soooo....think of me as you eat that scrumptious chocolate chip cookie or that delicious piece of cheese, I'll just be sittin' here wishing I had one, seeing them in my dreams....sigh...


lany and brian said...

I love your posting, and that is an awesome picture of eli and taner. Hope your migraines mellow out once you cut out the cheese! Can't wait to get to see all of you....24 MORE DAYS!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jen
Just incredible pictures again... love the ones of your boys! Black and white tend to be my favorite and I'm just blown away by your talent!
We'll have to catch up soon,