Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Our little family changed so much when Eli was born and Taner was so loving and patient during that time. I feel so lucky sometimes that he picked me to go through this journey in life together and it has been so amazing to watch him grow as a father, he truly loves Eli so much and they are best buds. Without him I don't know where I would be and he makes me always want to be a better person.  Tan is such a special part of our family and we love him so much and hope that he knows how much we appreciate all he does for us. I have had so much fun getting to spend some extra time with him during the last little while and I'll be sad to see him back to work soon only for the fact that we love having him here and Eli loves to play with him, Dad is so much fun! We hope Eli's grandpas and papas have a special Father's day as well since we can't be there but we'll be thinking of all of you. Love to all! 
P.S. These pictures are from when Eli was 6 mos old taken by the Fabulous McKenzie Hansen, I love that we actually have some family pics together!


karrie and jeff said...

Lynlea and I always love looking at your new photos. We are also lovers of photography, so it is fun to see what you are doing. Your pictures are very creative and artistic. But, children are the most fun to snap shots of!!!

Klop Family said...


Hey girl, It is great to see you and tanner are have a great time. I love the picture you have been taking. I hope to see you all next weekend and Happy Father's Day Tanner.

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Anonymous said...


I just love your blog. Hope you are feeling good with this pregnancy.

We miss you guys!
Love, Curt, Megan and Tyler