Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where did my baby go?

Since when is my baby so grown up? I think it happened overnight! Little man can do so many things now, it seems so strange that just over a year ago he was so tiny and so small. I have to say though that this stage is so much fun, he has such a personality and even though somtimes he can be a little "stinker", he makes me laugh all the time! He's so cute with all of his hugs and kisses he gives and I've been just trying to hold on to each little moment. His baby chub has almost all gone away and I'm gonna miss those little rolls on his legs! :( I love you little E! mmmmuua!


Hmachine said...

oh. . . it goes SOOOO fast!!! Pretty soon we will be sending our kids off to college for that crazy scary freshman year!!! ZOIKS!! :)

Venice said...

Hey you guys!!
I love your photo's!! My three year old just runs away laughing when I bring out he camera. It is amazing and sad to see how fast they grow!!
Venice (Mortensen) O'Brien