Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eli's 3rd Birthday

This has taken me WAY too long to post and I thought I'd better get caught up on all of my personal photos before the end of this month, March is already getting to be really busy! For Eli's 3rd birthday (can't believe my little man is 3) we went tubing at the county line and had so much fun! The weather turned out great and everyone loved riding on the tubes and the snowmobiles. Tan and I even took a few rides on a tube and almost thought we were going to die one time, hee hee. We took the wrong side down with all tons of rocks but were laughing so hard when we stopped-it was great!
I was so bummed I didn't get more pictures but I was actually watching Mya and making sure everything was running smoothly with the food, heaters and birthday cake. At least I snapped a few and Eli loved every minute of it! I think he especially liked the snowmobiles with his dad. The birthday was a success and thanks to everyone for such a great turnout and for all the help, we have the best family EVER!
Love you Eli :)


slywalker said...

DUDE! Way better snow than where we were! lol. But then I came home to sunshine... and you, well, went home to more snow ;)

McKenzie Hansen said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun! You guys always do the greatest things together!!

Brooke said...

Lurve the photos. Looks like everyone had a blast :D