Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This picture pretty much sums it up........Eli is superman! First off, sorry he's in his underwear, I know that it might be considered a little inappropriate for me to showing this online however this is truly how he spends his day and I have to smile when I see this picture. I guess you're lucky, most of the time he's running around naked, so you got the mild version :) This guy keeps me on my toes and is such a special part of my day. Mya and I have been sooooo sick this last week and he was so sweet and would ask me every morning, "how you feeling today mommy?" and would bring me drinks and blankies and was such a good nurse. Love him!
I think we're finally feeling better, thank goodness and we can get back to our normal lives. You should've seen the pile of laundry I had to tackle, SCARY!! Tan did his best to keep on top of the necessary things that needed to be done around the house and I was so thankful but now I need to dig in and get my house back in shape and really deep clean everything. I guess I have my "superman" to help me, right? hee hee Oh, and yes, this is from right before Christmas-ha ha! You were probably thinking I liked to keep my stockings up all year round :)


Scamatoon said...

haha :)

Brooke said...

This kid cracks me up!!!!

Megan said...

hahaaa- My oldest and Eli were apparently made in the same mold. Gavin *rarely* has clothes on when we are home. I call him Captain Underpants. lol. When he gets home from school- he runs into his room, first thing, to strip down. And he wont wear pajamas any more either. Its boxers or underwear to bed. ONLY.

*sigh* the life of a boy mom! ;)