Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Haunting!

We had so much fun this Halloween, Eli was really in the spirit of things and loved watching Taner carve all the pumpkins, ha ha! We thought it would be great for the kids, but it turns out us big kids get into it just as much :) Mya doesn't look as enthused about the whole thing, apparantly the dried worm on the sidewalk was way more interesting, and being forced to take a family picture by the carved masterpieces was just not her idea of a good time. Hilarious!
We also had a party, complete with fabulous costumes, delicious treats and of course....the usual "suspects". This was the last night we got to spend with my Grandma and Grandpa before they headed to Arizona for the winter and we are really going to miss them. They lived about a mile or two away and it was the perfect jogging distance for me and the kids to take the stroller and go and spend a fun afternoon. I can't tell you how many times we've had them over and we've been over to their place, enjoying the summer and hanging out. They are so much fun and were great to have as last-minute babysitters if you know what I mean :). Who will I harass now? ha ha
So, needless to say I was quite sad to see them go and then Taner left soon after to go on a week-long hunting trip so I've been missin' the hubster a bit these last few days. Wow, talk about a pity party, sheesh! Moving on! LOL
We had a blast at our party and then went trick-or-treating and Eli was a pro! He didn't even want any of us to go up to the door with him and he got the idea pretty quick. It was perfect weather, perfect company and such a great time. I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween as well!

Lovin' me some Grim-Reaper, ha ha!
Oh, and these "bag-head" costumes were so great! Go mom and dad!

I love how Taner thinks he can get away with not looking at the camera with his sneaky costume on.....I see you Mr. Grim can't fool me!
We still aren't really sure what Grandma and Grandpa were, but they get the award for creativity, ha!
If that isn't scary, I don't know what is.....


Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I love how everyone got in the spirit of things. Grim's cane is pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful pictures. Love the first one. My hubby and I are dressing up next year for sure.

Brooke G. said...

Your family is hysterical! I love all the costumes - so cute :D

Karli said...

Oh br-other! You are entirely too cute - look at those awesome pics! What an adorable family. :-) Our Halloween pictures this year were a bit of disaster, so I pretty much got nothing! These are fabulous, and what awesome memories you will have! :-)