Wednesday, September 1, 2010


There's been a lot of firsts around here lately, first tooth, first time camping, first time at the fair and rodeo, first time on the tricycle, and so many more! Mya is growing up so fast and it seems be going faster the second time around than it did with Eli. Eli had been out riding his trike, and he's been trying to ride his bigger bike, so we were sitting outside watching him do his thing. I looked down and Mya had the biggest grin on her face just staring at his trike and so we ended up putting her on the seat to try it out. She was in heaven! This little girl is so funny, such a thrill-seeker! Nothing scares her which is quite opposite of me...must get it from her daddy :) As you can tell, she also needed her first hair cut in this pic..which we just accomplished the other day so I'll have to post that too! We love you Mya, and Eli, you are such an awesome big brother! :)


Anonymous said...

So adorable! She looks so excited in that second photo! Looks like big brother is just as thrilled and is cheering her on!

Just Bits and Pieces said...

Oh so sweet! It's so wonderful being able to capture the firsts to have forever!

Megan said...

she is so adorable! My younger one is 2 1/2. And it goes SO ridiculously much fast with the second. Its mind boggling.