Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

Today is a very special day...it's Tan's Birthday!!
I have loved Tan for as long as I can remember...our first prom we went to together I was history! I couldn't resist his high knee socks in basketball, and those tight pants in football, and he could always make me laugh. ( We all remember that break-dance show at 8th grade graduation, hee hee :) ) I've loved him ever since!!
Tan has this way about him that draws you to him...everyone loves to be around him and he makes me want to be a better person. Here's some random things I heart about my man:
  • he loves family and is such an awesome dad
  • I love his sense of humor
  • dreamy blue eyes
  • super-amazing at sports (he's like the bionic-man or something) and at anything he does
  • he makes sure I have gas in my car
  • pretends I love the "fart gun"
  • changes diapers and gives the kids bubble baths
  • makes really good breakfasts
  • has really big muscles
  • he gives the best massages
  • awesome at wrestling, Eli can't get enough
  • his laugh is contagious
  • thinks we all like noogies (is that how you spell it?)
  • super strong and loves to give piggy backs and opens all my jars that I can't
  • gives me the first sip of his soda
  • tells me I'm gorgeous when I haven't done my makeup or showered
  • lets us all watch sportscenter whenever we want :)
  • makes the best "no-bake" cookies
  • waters all my plants since I forget to :)
  • is the best person I know
  • my bestest friend
  • did I mention he has really big muscles? :)
  • oh....and his cute buns!
Happy Birthday luva, you still light my fire!! Thanks for being you :)

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Brooke G. said...

OKAY now THAT is CUTE!!!!!!
What a guy!
Happy Birthday to him ;D

lany and brian said...

Loved the video! You guys are lucky to have each other!