Monday, June 1, 2009

A great day for a walk!

I have totally been out of the blogging scene lately..sorry!!  I've been a little sick with the pregnancy lately and for a while I wasn't really motivated to do much of, making dinner, basically getting out of bed! I felt so bad for my two boys, Tan and Eli....they were so awesome in helping out and getting me crackers, they were the best! 
I think overall I must have caught a bad bug or something because now I'm feeling much better, I still get my usual migraines I had during my last pregnancy but they're not that bad and I can manage with them. So, I'm back amongst the living and my house looks 10 times better! (It was getting a little scary there....)  
This weekend, since feeling better we decided to venture out on a fun walk and Eli had so much fun! He especially loved the rocks....he always finds such fun treasures.   Tomorrow is Tan's big 28th Birthday so we're excited to celebrate that! Happy Birthday Tan!! I love you


lany and brian said...

Such great Pics....glad you are feeling better! Happy Birthday to Taner, as well! Love you guys!

Hmachine said...

Oh, I HATE the first tri of pregnancy. being sick is SOOO hard especially when you have others to take care of . . . hang in there. :)