Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shots, Cheerios and Chocolate Chips

The other day I had taken Eli to his Dr. appointment for his 15 month checkup and of course, the usual shots. He usually takes it like a champ but sometimes it can be a little rough for the little guy. This time was one of those times. What made it harder was it was right at his naptime and then we had to wait longer than usual to get seen. It's no big deal, however if you have a toddler you know that you only have a certain amount of time to keep their attention and then your toast! He did really good though, despite the shots and he even got a book to take home for being so brave. Once we got home I decided to give him a little treat ( in this case it was REALLY fancy) chocolate chips and cheerios. ha! I try not to give him very many sweets so this is all I had! While we were just hanging out together we were playing a game where I ask him where's your nose, eyes, etc. and he points to them or says some of them. he's been doing really good!

Where's your chin? (he had to think a minute)
Where's your teeth? (Yep, there's the poor little chipped tooth....he's such a daredevil!)

Eli, where's your head? Good job!

Can you show me where you got an owie from your shots?
Yikes! Okay, we don't have to talk about it! Ha ha I'm so proud of you bud!


lany and brian said...

Ha Ha Ha...this one made me laugh! Sure Love You, Little Guy! Grandma

Anonymous said...

Love your story, Jen! Never like the shot visits for sure... but glad we have two healthy kids.
His pics are adorable...