Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It was such a beautiful day here today that we just had to be outside. Eli has been so much fun lately...such a personality! He picks up any rock around and carries it around as if it's some priceless treasure, ha ha! This one below is him showing me a dandelion.

I liked this one so much that I posted it twice, one in color, the other in sepia.

Here's little man guarding his new little rock he found, what a cutie!

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McKenzie said...

He's so cute! The pics look great!!! We can't wait to see you! The 23rd should be great - or really whenever! So, bring your cute baby, bring your husband, bring your camera, and we'll go have some fun tutorials! I've got a bunch of stuff for you - to get you started, and I'm getting rid of a bunch of studio- so let me know if you need anything before I hit ebay. See you soon!