Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beautiful Laguna Beach

Oh Laguna Beach!! I have to say a big thank you to Colin and Vicki for such a wonderful suggestion for a beach day! If you have never been by the Montage Resort in Laguna beach, I definately recommend it. The cliffs were amazing and there were tidal pools with all sorts of fun shells, etc. for the kids to play in. So beautiful.....we'll definately be going back!

Again I have to apologize for the huge amount of photos I post, I love them all and can't choose! Little "E" loved the water and sand so much that by the time we were done there was sand in every nook and cranny!

He was so proud of his shell he found, I was surprised he left it there!

By the end of the day the sunset was so amazing! I couldn't help but snap way too many shots of it.

Can you see the face in the side of the cliff?
Sigh........I miss you Laguna Beach! I'll be back, don't worry!


The Landi's said...

My name is Tressa and I was introduced to your blog by Jessica Evans. She wanted me to see your photos and I was hooked the minute I saw how beautiful your photos turned out. My little man is 3 and I take 10-20 pics a day it seems. If you don't mind me asking, what type of camera are you using? You are amazing and they are all so beautiful. Our blog is if you'd like to take a look. I'd love a few pointers. Take care:)

April said...

Hey pretty lady! Your pictures are again fabulous, what a beautiful beach and breathtaking sunset!! You are so good at what you do! Love and miss you tons