Thursday, November 20, 2008

4 Steps!!

It's official!! Eli took four steps on Tuesday and he was so proud of himself! Every time he would walk to one of us he would let out a high squeal of delight, and clap. It was so much fun to watch him and I can't believe how fast this first year is going! He's 10 1/2 months now and here's just a few things he loves to do:
  •     He loves his ball and likes to pass it back and forth to me, tries to bounce it and always says "ba"
  • He points at any dog he sees, real, stuffed, animated and on t.v. He chases after them while laughing and loves to pet them.
  •      He really likes to dance and clap to any tune! 
  •      Anytime someone is laughing during a conversation he starts laughing too so he can be      a part of it.
  •      He likes wheels on cars or trucks, he can just sit there and spin the wheels over and        over.
  •      He loves to help me with the dishes and unload the dishwasher, if he hears me open it he comes a-crawlin'!
  •      He also loves to be in the kitchen with me any time I cook.  He gets mad when he can't see what I'm doing so I put him in his highchair with his own cooking pans, etc. and he is a happy camper! Maybe he'll be a chef?
  •      He likes to wave bye to everyone but he says "ba-ba"
  •      He also likes to help with the laundry, crawling in and out, up and down! Whoo hoo! Who knew folding laundry could be so much fun?
There are so many other ways little man makes me laugh and brightens my day. With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up it has made me think of how truly thankful I am for Eli and for my little family. I take for granted how lucky I am, there are so many reasons. What are you thankful for this season?

I know what you're thinking....Ewww, right? I tried to stop him so many times but I guess the wheel on the stroller was just too tempting.  Oh goodness.

Look at those cute little lips! So kissable!

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McKenzie said...

Eli is so cute! We really can't wait to see him! Jake and Eli are going to be such great friends! We are thinking about coming up the day after Christmas and we'll go home on Sunday. So, let's plan some fun stuff! See you soon! Lots of love - mckenzie