Saturday, April 30, 2011


Lately both Mya (16m) and Eli (3yrs) have been growing up like crazy! I turn around and Mya is now saying all kinds of little "words" and Eli has been saying lots of very profound things that sometimes make me think he's too smart to come from me, lol. Eli is very intuitive and he picks up on the littlest details and emotions that I have to be careful sometimes because he's becoming so much older than his age. Mya is a little spitfire and has quite the sassy attitude these days. She loves to dance and shake her booty to any beat that comes on and steals Eli's toys he's playing with when he looks the other way. He has a bowling set that he loves and he sets up all the pins so patiently and meticulously and the minute he turns around to grab his ball she runs as fast as she can to grab one of the pins and then bolts for either Taner or me to save her from Eli, laughing the whole time. It cracks us up.
She's now telling me "no" on everything and she has this look she gives me if the food I fix for her is not what she wanted. She even threw our remote in the trash. But then she's such a snuggler and a lover and we just can't get enough of these two.
Just this morning I asked Eli what he thought he wanted to be when he grew up and he thought about it really hard and then said ".....not batman......... just a man". I had to laugh.
They keep me on my toes!


Megan said...

lol- that Eli looks like a wild man!!! I have 2 of those- never a dull moment in this house. And all those things he says- WRITE THEM DOWN!!!

Mya is so gorgeous! but I do not envy that you will one day have a teenage girl whos sassy attitude will dominate! ;)

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