Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just Chillin'

Yesterday was a very hectic day and it all started with a doctor's appointment that I had previously scheduled for both kids ending up being at an earlier time than I had planned. For some reason I felt like I should call in and double check and lucky I did because we ended up having to drop everything that second to make it there in 10 minutes! I had no shower, no makeup, the kids' hair was all crazy-funky and who knows what we were wearing, we probably looked homeless or very very ill to most people in the waiting room but I didn't know anyone there so it was all good. To make things worse, both of them were due for shots and I thought Eli would take it pretty well but we ended up having to bring another nurse in just to hold him down (sounds terrible, I know) and you would've thought he was dying by the screams and yelling, sheesh! Then, that made Mya cry because she was worried for Eli and she was next in line for 5 shots-FIVE!! Poor thing, but she totally handled it like a champ and only cried for a second, during which Eli was still sitting in the chair screaming and wailing. ( you know, that really big open-mouthed cry with tears and major snot running down?) The Doctor had to come in just to see if everything was okay and when we left the whole waiting room looked very worried, oops! So, we left with Eli still crying, me sweating up a storm because of all the craziness, and our fabulous bed hair and no shower. Yikes!
We all were kind of exhausted after that. :) Soooooo......we thought we'd stay in today and just chill with no where to go and nothing to do. Kind of nice! We played hungry hippos more times than I can count, lots of army dudes, ran circles around and around the couch (they'll do that for hours!), ate "nacks" or snacks I should say, and played in Eli's Buzz Lightyear tent. It didn't matter that Mya ate a marble from the hungry hippo game and somehow one of their toothbrushes ended up in the's a day that I get to spend with the ones I love most and that's pretty amazing :)


Megan said...

heres to a day with your babies!! Im sorry for all the shots :( I dread those days. well... I used to. Now my kids ASK to go get shots because they know they get suckers afterward. ::eyeroll::

Sarah Halstead said...

Sorry about the shots and screaming. They are so cute though.