Sunday, December 12, 2010

This week....

Boring? Laid back? Serene? Productive? Naaaaah....that's not how we do it here, lol! Let's just say it's been very comical, crazy and just plain chaotic the past couple of days.
I soooooo wish I had some pictures to prove just how it's gone down, but you'll just have to take my word for it.
Hmmmm.....I'll just give you a couple of things we've been up to.......
  1. Christmas lights up and lit----check!
  2. Christmas tree decorated and trimmed----check!
  3. Christmas tree just too tempting to the kiddos--tree tips over
  4. Redecorate tree, clean up water mess and ginormous load of pine needles
  5. Vacuum gets plugged from all the pine needles but I am a super-vacuum fixer
  6. Tree tips over for the second time
  7. Redecorate, clean up, etc. etc.
  8. Go Christmas shopping, post office, party store to get ready for both rugrats birthday parties
  9. Arrive home, Christmas tree tipped over again
  10. Redecorate, rewater and clean pine needles.
  11. Make ginger bread house, eat all the candy off of it.
  12. Put out Nativity scene, find a sheep in the toilet
  13. Make christmas cookies
  14. Sew some presents, come back in kitchen to find 15 cookies with one bite taken out of each
  15. Laughing
  16. Boys and Girls Club Party
  17. Work party
  18. Almost done with Clients' orders
  19. Mya turns off computer while placing order with the lab
  20. Re do orders, clients' orders finally done!
  21. Christmas shopping, shopping, shopping
  22. Realize I ate way too many cinnamon nuts-go for jog with kiddos in stroller-almost die from my out-of-shapeness
  23. Tires flat on jogger stroller
  24. Find huge pile of unrolled toilet paper in the closet with Mya in the middle, eating with a big smile
  25. Make fabric birthday banners and decorations, send out invites
  26. Dancing with the kiddos to really loud christmas music
  27. Mya standing and dancing all by herself
  28. Eli clinging to my leg and laying on the floor when it's his turn to see Santa (poor guy, I think it was kind of traumatic)
  29. Snowmobiling
  30. Flying around the house with Eli and our "towel capes" pretending to be superman and jumping on the furniture
  31. Laundry, Laundry, Laundry
  32. wrapping
  33. Lots and lots of Christmas stories and movies, making snowflakes and having fun!
Phewww!!! That's not even all of it! LOL I usually find that most everything strange and weird that happens is later really funny so I just have to remind myself of that when I feel like I'm falling apart and my house is ashambles.
There's so many other little moments that I always forget too and I need to be better about writing down the things Eli says.....he's so stinkin' smart and funny. His new thing now is "there's a fire hydr-wunt" every time he sees one, cracks me up! Oh and he's also told me that my hair is "wacky" a few times now......hmmm.....
So, if any of you seem to be having one of these weeks too, you're not alone and you're probably way more productive and organized than me. Somehow I didn't get that gene.
I still love this time of year though and even though my tree looks a little worse for wear, it's still beautiful and it's been fun having Eli be really into Christmas this year.
xo ~Jen


Megan said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Awesome. Just awesome. And yay for you seeing the humor in things :) Merry Christmas with 2 small people... Lord help us! ;)

keli b said...

even with all the chaos you still sound like a super mom to me!! Merry Christmas

Hmachine said...

Oh My GOODNESS!!! That sounds SOO familiar. Although I'm quite proud to say our tree hasn't been tipped over yet this year. Last year, it was a joke!!!!! :) I love all your posts and pictures. Have a GREAT CHRISTMAS!!!

Walking By Faith said...

LOVE IT! I couldn't stop cracking up. I can totally relate to the toilet paper, I find mine strung throughout the house. Glad you made it through with a smile on your face...thanks for sharing!