Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm so excited to finally have my new photo blog done, I'll still have Lemon Drops and Lollipops for my personal family blog but for all my photography updates, sessions, sneak peaks and information, I will now be posting at the new site. To check it out go here:


Don't be afraid to leave some love and let me know what ya think! :) Have a great weekend, ~Jenny


Megan said...

off I go!!! I love your photos. You are truly talented! AND Ill be adding your new photo blog to my reader :) I cant get enough!

Megan said...

ok, so I left you a comment over there... and It said there was a problem loading it, so I tried again and it said I already did it (this is totally user error) so I left a second one- THEN i saw that they were both awaiting moderation. please feel free to delete one of them!

Jenny Esterbrook Photography said...

ha ha, Megan you are too funny! That's something that would happen to me :) Thanks for all your kind words :)