Monday, April 19, 2010

.Powertools and Playsets.

We now have a playset in our yard!! I've been waiting a long time to have a big enough yard that we could actually have one for Eli and I think he's pretty happy! I had no idea just how much it took to put together one of these things and Taner earned major brownie points on this one, hee hee!! Love ya Tan! A big thanks goes out to Taner's dad, grandparents and to Toni (Eli's new best friend) for all their help... Tan and I would've still been putting it together and probably not speaking to one another :) Eli was a big help too, he would hold the measuring tape for us, use the electric drill (without any bits of course) and help read the HUGE book of directions. Here's to a job well done guys, it looks great and Eli loves his new playset! Thanks so much:)

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McKenzie Hansen said...

That looks like such a studly-awesome job everyone did!!!