Saturday, January 23, 2010

{E-man's birthday party}

Wow! This took me forever to get posted but better late than never, right? Eli's birthday was a lot of fun even though there was a complete lack of planning on my part. We ended up just having a small get together at our house after going bowling and just kept it pretty low key. Eli got so many cool presents and I think this year was the year he started to really get the idea. I also posted a picture of a little card that we get to read every year for Eli's sister did this up when I had Eli's baby shower 2 years ago and it's the cutest thing! She had everyone at the shower write down advice for each year of his life until he reaches 18 and she did each year up in a really cute way! This year it was a little shoe and when you open it up, there's all these great words of advice from people I love on what to expect or how to deal with that age. Some of the things said are hilarious, others are heartwarming and I truly look forward to reading each one when his birthday comes around. My sister is so stinkin' creative and thoughtful.....I dont' know what the heck I'll do when she has her babies, I'm in trouble!! I just thought it was a great idea to do for a shower if you were in need of a fun idea! Anyways, hope you are having a great weekend! I love you Eli! I can't believe you're already two!

Here's the cake that I worked sooooo hard on......Uggh!! It was pretty cheesy but Eli seemed to like it even though there were some language barrier issues at the ice cream shop.....the cake ended up saying Happy 2 TH , not happy 2 ND.....ha ha and there wasn't any lightning McQueen figures, just spongebob. Sigh......I'll do better next year! :)

I think he had a great time, don't cha think?

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