Monday, May 18, 2009


We took Eli to Disneyland for the first time a few days ago. Right when we entered the park he got the biggest smile on his face, it was sooo cute! We had decided to get year passes since we live so close by, and I think it was a great idea!  He loved the dumbo ride and the "choo choo" train and all the Disney characters. We're excited to go back.


lany and brian said...

I love the one with eli in the honey pots!

Anonymous said...

We could live at Disney World! It has been our favorite place to go since I moved here. Yearly passes are the way to go... Jesalyn has been a ton.. Mason only a few times but he is getting to the age where we need to get the year passes again.
They are well worth it, especially when you pack your own lunch and snacks.
We'll all have to go together some time!