Monday, April 6, 2009


While home I had such fun taking pics of the cutest couple I mom and dad.  Still after all these years they are so much in love, laughing all the time and holding hands. It was also my mom's birthday during our stay home so Happy Birthday mom, I love you so much and Dad, thanks for being such a trooper and making us laugh during these pics, I love you too!


lany and brian said...

OMG! Who are these stunningly beautiful people?

McKenzie Hansen said...

Oh, my gosh!!! Those pics are so fun! It's so great to see people having fun while also getting their pictures taken! I'm also in love with the black and white/warm toned one! Good job!!!

Sherry Hill said...

i love the ones in front of the peeling shed...and the closeup one is picture I've seen in quite awhile...what camera are you using and do you have a favorite lens?