Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Birthday at the Beach'm HOW old? The other day it was my 28th birthday and this time I guess it kind of snuck up on me! I still feel like I'm 19 and have so much I want to do and accomplish! You know that list you make when you're young of all the things you plan to do or have done by a certain age? For some reason I was thinking of that and basically everything I had mapped out for myself has totally been rewritten and I'm using a whole different compass! 
The old me would not be very comfortable with change but as I've gotten older I have learned to love these changes for they are what make me, me! Taner and I took Eli to the beach for my birthday and had such a wonderful day! Eli had so much fun and while I was watching him and Tan play I was thinking of what I mentioned before and I can truly say I am so very happy with where I am at and how lucky I am to have such an amazing family who I love so very much. We are healthy, happy and get to do so many things together and I don't think anything I had planned for myself would have been any better than this. Thank you Taner and Eli for such a special day, for my delicious peanut butter brownies and for all the laughs. 


Hmachine said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It looks like you had a great day with your great family!! :) I LOVE when our family gets to do stuff like that just together. :) :) love you!

lany and brian said...

what fun beach pics...we missed you on your birthday, but it looks like you did all right!

Megan said...

Jenni!! So great to hear from you. Thank you for your note on our blog! Yours is just amazing. Your little Eli is SO SO cute!!
Well we are Idaho girls turned California girls it looks like!

Look forward to keeping in touch via blogworld-- Megan and Curt

McKenzie Hansen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! It looks like you guys had so much fun. What a great thing it must be to live so close to the beach. Your pictures look so great and the farmer's market is so fabulous (I'm going to try my hand at gardening this summer, but I don't think anything will grow!) - I can't wait for bright color, but here everything is still dead. I love your beach pictures - they are making me want to go on another trip to Mexico - you wanna go? I hear they let cute blond girls from California dance on stage with the pirates! ;)