Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tan's coming home!

Our USA boys! Danny, David, Taner and John. Aren't they so cute? Great job guys!

The whole team with their medals

Go Tan!! 

Go John!
Tan and John with Mamma Lisa , what a great view!

On the tour bus

Some of their fans

Tournament court

MMMM....Shark Fin soup! 
Hong Kong city streets

Taner is finally coming home! He'll arrive in LA on Monday and then drive to Idaho to make it by Tuesday! I am so excited!  Tan's team did really well in all their games but ended up losing to the Phillippines. They then played India again for 3rd place and won!  I am so proud of them! I know Taner wasn't too happy with the results and would've liked to be in the championship game with Hong Kong but  what a great run! Go USA!! I guess they were all signing autographs and really had a great time while they were there.  Now he just has to get past that super long flight home and then Christmas will really start for us! Thanks John for the pics!
While he was gone, Eli started officially walking!! He's so proud of himself, walking from place to place and it's so cute how he teeters and totters but always gets his balance in his mini "frankenstein walk".  We decorated his first gingerbread house and yesterday I took him out just to "feel" the snow, but instead he full-on dove into the snow, plowing through the drifts on hands and knees and thoroughly enjoying it! Grandpa gave him his first ride in a sled around the house and then we had to take him in because he was soaked! He's silly!
We have been having so much fun being home with family and enjoying the holiday. We are so blessed and I hope all of you are having a wonderful Christmas season, we send out all our love to everyone. 
Merry Christmas!

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Jessica said...

Jen thanks so much for the updates... you are so great! Wow I grew up with a celeb basketball player! I want an autographed pic for my wall T. : )
Wish we could've made it to Idaho this year... the kids would've loved to play in the snow with Eli. How exciting that he is just starting to walk!!! Capture every moment Jen, it is SO fast... I'm sure you already feel that way.
Merry Christmas to all of you and Happy New Year!
Are you staying in Idaho to ring in 2009?
We still aren't sure what we are doing yet...
Loved seeing all your pics, can't wait to see the ones from the holidays. Check out our blog!